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EntityPropertyMappingAttribute duplicated between assemblies

October 09, 2013 - 124 words - 1 mins
I was working on an entity class for an OData endpoint when I ran across the following doozy: The type 'System.Data.Services.Common.EntityPropertyMappingAttribute' exists in both '...Microsoft.Data.OData.dll' and '...System.Data.Services.Client.dll' It looks like Microsoft has duplicated this type… read more

Google Analytics Razor Helper

May 19, 2011 - 193 words - 1 mins
I experimented today with the Razor helper syntax to consolidate generation of the Google Analytics tracking boilerplate (in ~/App_Code/Helpers.cshtml): @helper GoogleAnalyticsTracker(string analyticsId) { if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(analyticsId)) { <script type="text/javascript"&… read more