YOW! West wrap-up

May 14, 2014 - conference yow

I had a great time at YOW! West over the last few days - highlights for me were the talks from Jeff Patton, Dave Thomas and the unsung Stew Gleadow.

Slides for my talk are available for download here. I’ve also made the source code for the demo 'Wishlist' app available on bitbucket.

During Dave’s talk, I made a list of as many controversial one-liners he dropped as I could. Here they all are, without further comment:

“CPU architects have spent decades trying to make crappy serial code execute in parallel”

“KLOCs kill”

“Dependencies strangle”

“Abstractions bloat”

“A framework is a component on the way to being built that never got finished”

“Refactoring is a joke”

“Computer Science courses teach bad Java and UML diagrams”

“Don't use text formats like CSV, XML, JSON”

“Batch programming is better”

“Code-Deploy-Monitor (Testing considered harmful)”

“Exception handling should be removed from all programming languages”

“Web services = marketechture”

“Hell of software is dependencies”

“All code will be written in an improved version of SQL by 2020”

“IDEs are needles for addicts”