Mac App Store

October 21, 2010 - 71 words - 1 mins
Just a quick observation on the newly announced Mac App Store: I found the most interesting thing about the app store is what it isn’t — it isn’t iTunes. This would be mostly due to the fact a Mac app store wouldn’t make much sense in iTunes for Windows, but perhaps it marks the beginning of the end… read more

NuPack Antlr 3.1.3 version mismatch

October 19, 2010 - 104 words - 1 mins
I installed FluentNHibernate & NHibernate.Core 3.0 Beta through the excellent NuPack. Attempting to run a Linq query against the session resulted in: Could not load file or assembly 'Antlr3.Runtime, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=3a9cab8f8d22bfb7' or one of its dependencie… read more

QOTW: “Row Farmers & Stateful Sinners”

October 18, 2010 - 305 words - 2 mins
The second YOW talk Dave Thomas delivered back on the 30th September was entitled “Why Real Developers Embrace Functional Programming and NoSQL: Data Confessions of an Object’holic and Stateful Sinner”. Needless to say, it contained a fair bit of controversial content that Dave was fairly unapologet… read more

Agile Perth Meetup - Writing User Stories

October 14, 2010 - 576 words - 3 mins
I went along to an Agile Perth meetup last night - Shelley Beeston from Thoughtworks presenting a session on user stories. I’m always enthusiastic about hearing concrete examples of different Agile techniques from the trenches on (presumably) successful projects. Requirements approaches are somethin… read more

Dave Thomas - Envisioning

October 07, 2010 - 350 words - 2 mins
I was lucky enough to catch Dave Thomas’s promotional YOW presentation in Perth on Thursday night. His first talk was entitled “Improving the Quality and Productivity of Backlogs Through Envisioning: Collaborative Agile Product Analysis, Architecture and Design”. His concept of ‘Envisioning’ consist… read more

QOTW: “Rampant Genericness”

September 25, 2010 - 311 words - 2 mins
Thanks to the tyranny of distance, I didn't make it over to Agile Australia this year, so I enthusiastically pored through the context-unencumbered presentations when they were posted online. Part of Neal Ford’s presentation on emergent design discussed the phenomenon of Rampant Genericness - a term… read more